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Springbok Online Casino, having opened their doors in 2012, have grown to be one of the most popular and most well respected online casinos on the South African gaming scene. With friendly, quick and extremely helpful support staff, they will get you up and playing in no time at all!

Offering a 3 stage R11’500 Welcome Bonus, that is split into a first deposit bonus of R1’500 (100% match), as well as a second and third deposit 50% matched up to R5’000 each, players need not look to far to have a great experience. They also offer various other ongoing bonuses and promotions like the 300% matched deposit, 25% cash back and the Lucky 7 promotion, as well as other a comp points program where the more you play, the higher your reward level goes and the more you earn in cold hard cash that can be used to either play your favorite casino game, or withdrawn to buy that something special you always wanted.

Players are also spoiled for choice when it comes to playing options. There is the traditional download option – where players download the free casino software onto their computer. Then there is the Instant Play option where players can enjoy the great selection of casino games directly in their browsers without downloading and installing any software – this option also has the benefit that the games can be played even at an internet cafe, where installing software is usually prohibited.

And lastly, the newest addition to the play options family – Mobile Play. Players can now enjoy all that Springbok Casino has to offer directly on their smartphones (Android and iOS devices supported). Simply visit the Springbok Casino website, it will then detect the mobile device being used and redirect the player to the appropriate website that best suits the device. As easy as that! So players are no longer bound to PC and can now play their favorite slots, table or video poker games anywhere and at anytime they want!

Should a player have any questions or comments about the software or need some assistance with anything Springbok Casino related, the friendly support staff are available 24/7 to assist in any way they can. Support options include e-mail, telephone (SA Toll-free or international number) or via the Live Chat on the Springbok Casino website.

And being an online casino that offers play in South African Rand, it’s quite a nice touch that the website is also available in Afrikaans!

Springbok Casino Play Options

The Truth Of Playing Bingo

Bingo’s not just about the game, it’s more about the chat!

Bingo Is All About The ChatAlthough you’d think that the reason people play online bingo is to win great cash prizes while playing a simple game of chance, it’s not just about that. But in fact, the majority of people who play online bingo are doing it for the social side – the fact that you can meet up and gossip with friends online while you share a game of bingo together.

At many of the popular bingo sites, people make new acquaintances the day they start playing, and some of these turn into firm friendships. While you initially start chatting to people online via the bingo site chat rooms, many sites also offer the possibility of private messaging, so you can chat to those people you hit it off with without having to share the conversation with everyone else on the site.

At sites like http://www.chitchatbingo.co.uk/ccbingo/bingo/home/ you’ll also find some great bingo chat games. These are initiated by the chat moderator, and it’s a chance for those in the chat room to win prizes for free. The prizes might be entries to other bingo games or cash, but really it’s more about the fun of playing with others online. The games include number games and brain teasers and there’s even the chance to pair up with a roomie to win one of the buddy games. Chat games take place at certain times throughout the day.

If you’ve never been in a bingo chat room before, you may not know that bingo chat has its own special code – basically abbreviations to save you spending too long typing. Favourites include

  • ?4U – question for you
  • BBS – be back soon
  • 1/2/3TG – 1/2/3 balls to go on the bingo card

Don’t worry if you’ve not used the bingo lingo before, you’ll catch on quick!

Online bingo is a perfect mix of exciting online gaming with plenty of chances to socialise and enjoy the company of others.

The Best Bingo Intros

If you’re a keen online Bingo player, it pays to search around the web for the best Bingo intros. What we mean by this is the best offers available as introductory, new player bonuses.

Studies have shown that the motivation for most Bingo players, most of the time, isn’t the desire to gamble to win money; instead, it’s for the fun of playing. Nevertheless, it’s even more fun if you don’t have to play with your own cash for a while and most of us like the excitement of the ever-present possibility of a large jackpot win, even if we’re enjoying ourselves as we play for pennies.

Bingo Welcome Bonus Money

One site that scores very highly in this regard is Chitchat Bingo. Here, the emphasis is very much on fun and sociability. People playing Bingo just for fun can do so from as little as a penny per game. But those new customers in search of a generous new player bonus will find that here, too. In fact, the site says "hello and welcome" to its newly registering players with a whopping 200% sign-up bonus. If you play your cards right, that bonus can be as much as £125. If you make a deposit within an hour of first registering with Chitchat Bingo, you’ll get a 200% cash match up to a maximum of £125. And when you make your second deposit you’ll also get an additional 50%, up to the value of £65!

Such free money goes a long way for those of us just playing Bingo for the love of the game – or not taking things too seriously and passing the time on mobile devices as we travel or have to wait around etc. Playing Bingo can be great for such times.

What makes life additionally exciting with this site is the possibility of a jackpot win; ChitChat Bingo’s "Giant Bingo Jackpot" is the largest regularly paying jackpot of any online Bingo site. The site also offers a free daily scratch-card with prizes of up to £100 for all members with credit in their online bingo accounts. Put it all together and that’s quite some welcome bonus.

Sometimes It’s Best To Play It Safe

Sometimes it is better to play it safeWith the wide variety of online bingo and casino games to choose from over the internet, finding the right website for you can become a tricky task. Not only do you have to decide which game you want to play and what budget you can afford, but you have to ensure that you are playing in an environment where your money is safe and you can solely concentrate on the main point of playing: To have fun!

In regards to playing bingo, the 1985 Bingo Act provides a level of protection to players, which has been regularly updated to work inline with the introduction of online gaming. However, whilst this may cover you in the UK, due to the global reach of the online gambling community; it is always worth investigating that the website you’re using is genuine and safe to play on. One example of a safe and respected website to check out is www.chitchatbingo.co.uk

There are many ways to protect yourself whilst playing online. When trying to choose a website, you can check out many of the dedicated forums updated by seasoned gamers who rate and comment on sites, giving you an inside edge on the webpage before you visit. If a website is constantly receiving bad ratings, then it’s probably worth giving a miss. A little investigating can save you both time and money.

A less obvious way to decide on the right page is to check out the regular promotions and prizes. The best sites provide regularly updated changes in bonuses and promotions to benefit you and maintain interest in playing their games. When initially signing up to play, the bonus rates should usually be between 10-30% of your first deposit. However, be warned, if you see an offer that sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Don’t let this put you off though, remember to have fun but be cautious and remind yourself as with most types of gambling: sometimes its best to play safe!

Switch It Up

Switch It UpIf you love the thrill of online gaming you probably have your favourite websites and your favourite games which you head back to again and again. Sometimes though it is fun to try something different, and if you are typically a blackjack, poker or roulette player then why not give slots or bingo a go?

To mix up your game-play online, slots are probably the quickest pastime to take up. You don’t have to get involved in lengthy games of strategy and can dip in and out as it suits you. This is perfect if you don’t have long periods of time available to indulge in your favourite hobby. The ideal website to go to is Chitchat bingo as they are a reputable site that has a fantastic mix of games for you to try with fantastic jackpots and right now as I type, an amazing sign up offer too!

Another great reason to give chitchat a try is their ever-popular chat room. Unlike the in-person game at your local bingo hall, players are not expected to be silent during the game – in fact a lively discussion is actively encouraged! So if you have trouble keeping quiet, delight in a good natter and love to make friends then you have found the site for you.

Bingo is a very sociable game and much loved by young and old alike. Gone has the image of the blue rinse brigade and their ‘dabbers’ enjoying a big night out, so if you’ve never thought it was for you in the past then now is the time to get on board. Slots are big news too: ever increasing in popularity and offering some genuine high returns for minimum stakes, online slots are exciting, easy to get into and a great deal of fun.

So next time you log on to play – give something new a try – it just might turn out to be your new favourite game!

Enjoy Your Favourite Slots on Bingo Sites

Many online bingo sites in the UK now offer slots alongside the traditional bingo offering. The slots are often exactly like you’d find at a casino, and you can use the same balance to play both bingo and the slots.

The network on which the bingo site resides determines what kind of slot games can be played. Most of them offer standard multi-line slots and increasingly you will also find many of the branded slot games such as Monopoly. Some bingo sites, such as JackpotJoy, have huge jackpots attached to these slots. At the time of writing the top jackpot on JackpotJoy was a staggering £795,000 for just a 20p stake. This was available on the Red or Blank slot and Wonderland slot.

Slots have been slowly creeping there were into online bingo for a few years now. With so much variety they often provide a nice change from the run-of-the-mill bingo games.

Insant win games, such as Deal or No Deal or simply Blackjack, have also now found a place on numerous bingo sites.

If you are yet to play bingo online because of the lack of variety in games offered, then it may well be worth starting to re-consider!

Are Betting Systems Helpful for Online Casinos?

When playing an online casino game, your bankroll should serve as a sort of security blanket. As long as you still have them on hand, it means you are doing well in your game.

Otherwise, you really have to start worrying. Bankrolls are meant to be guarded and your goal is to never run out of it.

Some people bet according to their guts. Some bet depending on their pre-determined budget for a certain gambling session, however, these much disciplined gamblers are very rare. Some rely on established betting systems to decide for them just how much to wager.

If you are not familiar with the concept of betting systems, it is simply a structured approach to gambling that aims to increase one’s chances of winning more as they wager. Betting systems are classified into two: negative progression and positive progression.

An example of a negative progression betting system is one that makes one wager twice as large as he or she did the last time, for every round he or she loses. If you are on a losing streak, then you are doomed to lose all your money in this system.

An example of positive progression betting system, on the other hand, makes a player increase the amount he wagers the more he or she wins. Gambling is an activity based much on impulse and adrenaline rush that’s why more people tend to use the negative progression betting system.

Many factors cause players to use the betting systems. Some like the thrill of increased wagers every now and then. Others just don’t know how to trust their instincts when it comes to deciding how much to bet.

Careful gamblers usually practice flat betting – betting at the same rate every time. It is the safest betting mechanism a player could use to make sure that he or she does not lose much of his or her bankroll in an instant.

Helpful tips to win in an online casino

Playing in an online casino is already a lot of fun, but the game’s a lot more fun if you feel like you’re winning.

Otherwise, it would start to be depressing given the fact that real money is at stake.

Here are some tips that will surely increase your chances of winning at an online casino.

First, make sure you know the game by heart. It is never wise to sit down at a table just after a few minutes of observing an unfamiliar game. You can never assume just by watching a single game that you are already an expert on it. Try practicing online. Get your hands on free trials that will hone your skills and familiarize you with the ins and outs of the game.

Then remember casino games and alcohol don’t mix. This might not make sense to some since it is a usual image in media that people who gamble are usually drunk. In land-based casinos, drinks are being offered as a strategic move by owners to reduce their patrons’ chances of winning. When you’re playing online, you can avoid this ploy, except if you’re not wise enough that you insist on pouring yourself a drink while playing. You are lowering your chances yourself.

Finally, don’t get too excited during the play. Consistent winnings may cause you to be overconfident, but luck does run out. Don’t bet excessively as you might regret this. Think logically at all times even if it seems like you’re winning regardless of what you do. As long as you have not stopped playing, the chances of losing are still intact.

Always remember that winners are not purely gamblers but they are also good players. They rely more on skill and strategy and less on luck. Hopefully, the tips above would help increase your winning streak but still, a great deal has to be placed on experience.

Written by Alex Corcoran, a regular at the live blackjack tables.

R1,000,000 Grand Slam of Slots Tournament

The players have just returned from the R1,000,000 Grand Slam of Slots Tournament where some of them walked away with fantastic prizes. The winners included Moses who won R350,000, Tishy who won R100,000,  Nannie who won R85,000; Win Win who won R65,000 and Vixen208 who won R50,000!

The remaining finalists also walked away with generous cash prizes ranging from R7,500 and R40,000.