Many online bingo sites in the UK now offer slots alongside the traditional bingo offering. The slots are often exactly like you’d find at a casino, and you can use the same balance to play both bingo and the slots.

The network on which the bingo site resides determines what kind of slot games can be played. Most of them offer standard multi-line slots and increasingly you will also find many of the branded slot games such as Monopoly. Some bingo sites, such as JackpotJoy, have huge jackpots attached to these slots. At the time of writing the top jackpot on JackpotJoy was a staggering £795,000 for just a 20p stake. This was available on the Red or Blank slot and Wonderland slot.

Slots have been slowly creeping there were into online bingo for a few years now. With so much variety they often provide a nice change from the run-of-the-mill bingo games.

Insant win games, such as Deal or No Deal or simply Blackjack, have also now found a place on numerous bingo sites.

If you are yet to play bingo online because of the lack of variety in games offered, then it may well be worth starting to re-consider!

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