When playing an online casino game, your bankroll should serve as a sort of security blanket. As long as you still have them on hand, it means you are doing well in your game.

Otherwise, you really have to start worrying. Bankrolls are meant to be guarded and your goal is to never run out of it.

Some people bet according to their guts. Some bet depending on their pre-determined budget for a certain gambling session, however, these much disciplined gamblers are very rare. Some rely on established betting systems to decide for them just how much to wager.

If you are not familiar with the concept of betting systems, it is simply a structured approach to gambling that aims to increase one’s chances of winning more as they wager. Betting systems are classified into two: negative progression and positive progression.

An example of a negative progression betting system is one that makes one wager twice as large as he or she did the last time, for every round he or she loses. If you are on a losing streak, then you are doomed to lose all your money in this system.

An example of positive progression betting system, on the other hand, makes a player increase the amount he wagers the more he or she wins. Gambling is an activity based much on impulse and adrenaline rush that’s why more people tend to use the negative progression betting system.

Many factors cause players to use the betting systems. Some like the thrill of increased wagers every now and then. Others just don’t know how to trust their instincts when it comes to deciding how much to bet.

Careful gamblers usually practice flat betting – betting at the same rate every time. It is the safest betting mechanism a player could use to make sure that he or she does not lose much of his or her bankroll in an instant.

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