Bingo’s not just about the game, it’s more about the chat!

Bingo Is All About The ChatAlthough you’d think that the reason people play online bingo is to win great cash prizes while playing a simple game of chance, it’s not just about that. But in fact, the majority of people who play online bingo are doing it for the social side – the fact that you can meet up and gossip with friends online while you share a game of bingo together.

At many of the popular bingo sites, people make new acquaintances the day they start playing, and some of these turn into firm friendships. While you initially start chatting to people online via the bingo site chat rooms, many sites also offer the possibility of private messaging, so you can chat to those people you hit it off with without having to share the conversation with everyone else on the site.

At sites like you’ll also find some great bingo chat games. These are initiated by the chat moderator, and it’s a chance for those in the chat room to win prizes for free. The prizes might be entries to other bingo games or cash, but really it’s more about the fun of playing with others online. The games include number games and brain teasers and there’s even the chance to pair up with a roomie to win one of the buddy games. Chat games take place at certain times throughout the day.

If you’ve never been in a bingo chat room before, you may not know that bingo chat has its own special code – basically abbreviations to save you spending too long typing. Favourites include

  • ?4U – question for you
  • BBS – be back soon
  • 1/2/3TG – 1/2/3 balls to go on the bingo card

Don’t worry if you’ve not used the bingo lingo before, you’ll catch on quick!

Online bingo is a perfect mix of exciting online gaming with plenty of chances to socialise and enjoy the company of others.