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Slot games are usually a staple feature for online casino players, with slots usually making up the vast majority of games available at online casinos.

The phenomenon of online casinos have become a global sensation, captivating players worldwide with their convenient and thrilling gambling experiences.

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The online casino australia market is booming, providing a diverse selection of options for players looking for a thrilling gambling experience.

With a wide selection of games such as slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette, online casinos offer a convenient and thrilling gambling experience. Offering secure payment options and reliable customer support, players can feel confident in their transactions and enjoy the excitement of potentially winning substantial amounts of online casino real money.

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Online Casinos can also offer many more games than land based casinos, with many an online casino usually offering thousands of different slots, video poker and table games. Many an online casino in nz even offers live dealer games so players can interact with real dealers and croupiers!

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Switch It Up

Switch It UpIf you love the thrill of online gaming you probably have your favourite websites and your favourite games which you head back to again and again. Sometimes though it is fun to try something different, and if you are typically a blackjack, poker or roulette player then why not give slots or bingo a go?

To mix up your game-play online, slots are probably the quickest pastime to take up. You don’t have to get involved in lengthy games of strategy and can dip in and out as it suits you. This is perfect if you don’t have long periods of time available to indulge in your favourite hobby. The ideal website to go to is Chitchat bingo as they are a reputable site that has a fantastic mix of games for you to try with fantastic jackpots and right now as I type, an amazing sign up offer too!

Another great reason to give chitchat a try is their ever-popular chat room. Unlike the in-person game at your local bingo hall, players are not expected to be silent during the game – in fact a lively discussion is actively encouraged! So if you have trouble keeping quiet, delight in a good natter and love to make friends then you have found the site for you.

Bingo is a very sociable game and much loved by young and old alike. Gone has the image of the blue rinse brigade and their ‘dabbers’ enjoying a big night out, so if you’ve never thought it was for you in the past then now is the time to get on board. Slots are big news too: ever increasing in popularity and offering some genuine high returns for minimum stakes, online slots are exciting, easy to get into and a great deal of fun.

So next time you log on to play – give something new a try – it just might turn out to be your new favourite game!

Try Microgaming Slots Online

Microgaming Slots Casinos

Microgaming Slots Casinos

Microgaming slots are popular worldwide and offer players a wide variety of games with magnificent bonuses, high quality graphics and many other features. This becomes apparent when you play Lord of the Rings slots. Every casino offers different Bonus features and create the atmosphere and excitement of gambling in a real live casino.

Get Bonuses at Microgaming Slots

Microgaming Slots offer different Bonus games where players can win extra cash such as the Flash Bonus Game and Free Spins Game. Microgaming also offer Progressive Jackpot Slots where loads of money rewards can be won.

Microgaming Online Slot Machine Games

With more than 10 years experience in online casino games, Microgaming know what their players want, and offer a wide variety of games such as the Classic Slots, Multiline Video Slots, Progressive Slots and even Fruit Machines.

Classic Microgaming Slots

Classic Microgaming SlotsFor players who enjoy the atmosphere of the mid-20th century should try Microgamings’ Clasic Slots at MicrogamingSlots.ORG.uk. These slots normally consist of 3 reels with a few paylines. These slots pay out well due to the icon winning combinations that appear more frequently on the reels. Players will be amazed at the atmosphere and especially pleased with the great sums of money that can be won.

Microgaming Multiline Video Slots

Microgaming Multiline Video Slots are created for the avid gamblers. These games consist of 5 reels, many paylines and a wide choice of available bets. Multiline Video Slots often have the alltime favourite comic or movie hero games as well. Players can enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere while winning serious cash.

Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

Many online casinos powered by Microgaming will give players the opportunity to win Progressive Jackpots. These jackpots increase all the time, and can be monitored on the screen. Some slots randomly award players with Progressive Jackpots while others offer a Bonus Game first. Both variants are worth trying as there is huge sums of money that can be won.

New Net Entertainment Slot – Starburst

Net Entertainment - Starburst Online SlotNet Entertainment have released a new slot called Starburst. It is the perfect combination of cutting edge gameplay with a very 80’s nostalgic feel.

The gameplay may be  simple,  but the excitement and suspense in this new online slot with keep even the most experienced player entertained for hours. Now players do not just win on symbol combinations from left to right, but also on combinations from right to left (“Win Both Ways” feature).

The slot includes a Starburt Wild feature as well as lots of free spins where players can increase their winnings.

So visit Mr. Green Online Casino now and start enjoying all the new ways in which you can win!

*Video:net entertainment brings you starburst

Enjoy Your Favourite Slots on Bingo Sites

Many online bingo sites in the UK now offer slots alongside the traditional bingo offering. The slots are often exactly like you’d find at a casino, and you can use the same balance to play both bingo and the slots.

The network on which the bingo site resides determines what kind of slot games can be played. Most of them offer standard multi-line slots and increasingly you will also find many of the branded slot games such as Monopoly. Some bingo sites, such as JackpotJoy, have huge jackpots attached to these slots. At the time of writing the top jackpot on JackpotJoy was a staggering £795,000 for just a 20p stake. This was available on the Red or Blank slot and Wonderland slot.

Slots have been slowly creeping there were into online bingo for a few years now. With so much variety they often provide a nice change from the run-of-the-mill bingo games.

Insant win games, such as Deal or No Deal or simply Blackjack, have also now found a place on numerous bingo sites.

If you are yet to play bingo online because of the lack of variety in games offered, then it may well be worth starting to re-consider!

Are Betting Systems Helpful for Online Casinos?

When playing an online casino game, your bankroll should serve as a sort of security blanket. As long as you still have them on hand, it means you are doing well in your game.

Otherwise, you really have to start worrying. Bankrolls are meant to be guarded and your goal is to never run out of it.

Some people bet according to their guts. Some bet depending on their pre-determined budget for a certain gambling session, however, these much disciplined gamblers are very rare. Some rely on established betting systems to decide for them just how much to wager.

If you are not familiar with the concept of betting systems, it is simply a structured approach to gambling that aims to increase one’s chances of winning more as they wager. Betting systems are classified into two: negative progression and positive progression.

An example of a negative progression betting system is one that makes one wager twice as large as he or she did the last time, for every round he or she loses. If you are on a losing streak, then you are doomed to lose all your money in this system.

An example of positive progression betting system, on the other hand, makes a player increase the amount he wagers the more he or she wins. Gambling is an activity based much on impulse and adrenaline rush that’s why more people tend to use the negative progression betting system.

Many factors cause players to use the betting systems. Some like the thrill of increased wagers every now and then. Others just don’t know how to trust their instincts when it comes to deciding how much to bet.

Careful gamblers usually practice flat betting – betting at the same rate every time. It is the safest betting mechanism a player could use to make sure that he or she does not lose much of his or her bankroll in an instant.

Helpful tips to win in an online casino

Playing in an online casino is already a lot of fun, but the game’s a lot more fun if you feel like you’re winning.

Otherwise, it would start to be depressing given the fact that real money is at stake.

Here are some tips that will surely increase your chances of winning at an online casino.

First, make sure you know the game by heart. It is never wise to sit down at a table just after a few minutes of observing an unfamiliar game. You can never assume just by watching a single game that you are already an expert on it. Try practicing online. Get your hands on free trials that will hone your skills and familiarize you with the ins and outs of the game.

Then remember casino games and alcohol don’t mix. This might not make sense to some since it is a usual image in media that people who gamble are usually drunk. In land-based casinos, drinks are being offered as a strategic move by owners to reduce their patrons’ chances of winning. When you’re playing online, you can avoid this ploy, except if you’re not wise enough that you insist on pouring yourself a drink while playing. You are lowering your chances yourself.

Finally, don’t get too excited during the play. Consistent winnings may cause you to be overconfident, but luck does run out. Don’t bet excessively as you might regret this. Think logically at all times even if it seems like you’re winning regardless of what you do. As long as you have not stopped playing, the chances of losing are still intact.

Always remember that winners are not purely gamblers but they are also good players. They rely more on skill and strategy and less on luck. Hopefully, the tips above would help increase your winning streak but still, a great deal has to be placed on experience.

Written by Alex Corcoran, a regular at the live blackjack tables.

Mr Cashback

New to the Online Casino Central Slots is an exciting new video slot game which features the ever so generous Mr. Cashback!

Mr. Cashback pays players for the lines that did not win! So you can see why this is definitely one of the best new games of the year! The “Money Back Guarantee” is a brand new concept to the industry and has already caused quite a stir between players.

The Mr Cashback Icons include bags filled with gold coins, a piggy bank, piles of cash and lets not forget Mr Cash Back himself. Features include Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers, the Mr Cash Back feature, Free Games as well as extra freezing wilds.

If you are looking for something different then be sure to play this brand new Playtech slot game released at Online Casino Central! Click here…

Deal or no Deal Slots

Playtech’s Deal or no Deal Slots

Playtech’s Deal or No Deal Slots are based on the popular TV game-show Deal or No Deal. The game is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line one which offers players the possibility to take down huge prizes though built-in bonus games triggered by the alignment of the right symbols. The symbols used are the usual generic ones: J,Q,K,7, bar and double bar. This game – like pretty much every single slot game out there – rewards maximum coin play. It features a progressive jackpot so if you aim to take down as big a prize as possible, by all means do bet maximum coins.

The bonus game is the heart and soul of these slots. There are three different bonus games. The first one is triggered when the player hits a winning line. The banker then calls him (the line is hidden) and offers him a deal. The player can either accept the deal, or he can refuse it, in which case his winning line will be revealed. In case the player accepts the banker’s deal, his winning line will be shown, together with the amount he would’ve won, had he not accepted the deal. This deal or no deal bit with the banker is basically an in-game bonus. The real bonus round is triggered by the alignment of 3 bonus symbols on an active pay-line.

The mystery box bonus is about picking the winning boxes out of 15 that are displayed on the screen. Of these 15 boxes, 11 contain various prizes. 3 are non-winners (empty). If you hit one of these 3 boxes, the bonus round ends without a reward for the player. One box contains the biggest prize: hitting that will equate to winning the contents of all 11 of the prize-containing boxes mentioned above. The Deal or No Deal bonus round features a maximum payout of $2,500. Like in the game-show, there will be 22 briefcases to pick from, featuring prizes from $1 to $2,500. This bonus round works the same way the TV game does: the player opens briefcases and is occasionally offered a deal by the banker, a deal which he can accept or refuse.

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Click here to play Deal or No Deal at Online Casino Central today!!!

New Aristocrat game – Zorro

The Zorro slot machine is a very entertaining, 25 payline slot machine which is powered by Aristocrat software. The graphics are crisp with images which include Zorro himself, Tornado, Magic Doors, Monastario, Barrels, Gold Coins, a wild “Z” symbol, Juliana, and more. If you have ever played Zorro slot game in a land-based casino then you will definitely LOVE playing it Online at Bet365!

Zorro - Aristrocrat Slot

Take advantage of the Zorro Bonus Round which is activated once you click on the Zorro button at the bottom right of your screen. Once you have done this, the letters Z-O-R-R-O appears in place of the A, K, Q, and J symbols. If you achieve all 5 letters in the correct order, the bonus feature will be triggered.

3 doors will then open once this has been activated. Select a door to reveal a character which will award prizes each time it appears during the free spins. Whenever this character appears during the free spins, on the reels, it will reveal the amount you have won once you click on the flashing character.

Players can play Zorro online for fun or with real money at Video Slots so why not come and check it out!

Top Trumps Celebs

One of the best and most popular Casino games online are slots and Casino.com have just launched a brand new celebrity themed slot machine – Top Trumps Celebs. This 5-reel 20-payline video slot game allows players to be part of the rich and famous with symbols that represent various movie and music stars.

Click here to rub shoulders with the stars at Casino.com

Players are able to select their favourite celebrities that they wish to see on the reels. Simply access the paytable and search through the celebrities available by clicking the arrows on either side. You can even choose which star is the Wild Symbol out of Madonna, Elvis Presley, James Dean and Brad Pitt!

The Top Trumps Celebs icon is the scatter symbol and pays out as from 2 symbols no matter their position on the reels. Free Games are triggered if you receive 3 or more scatter symbols and players can then get rewarded with 10 free spins with an extra wild. Once again you are able to select which celebrity is your Wild.

Trigger the Red Carpet Bonus by getting 2 bonus symbols on reel 1 and 5. You will then be shown a screen of 16 celebrities with hidden prizes behind each of them. Re shuffle the celebs by clicking the shuffle button.  Choose 3 celebs out of the 16 to win cash prizes, and if you are lucky you may just pick a celeb who has granted you an extra pick.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Casino.com today and play Top Trumps Celebs!!